The Redland Park Estate from 1875

A brief history of the owners of the Redland Park Estate (incl. Fairfield Avenue) according to the deeds.The Redland Park Estate 1876

The Redland Park Estate 1876

The part of Redland Park Estate that now includes Redland Drive and Fairfield Avenue covered 27 acres 3r. and 16p. and was once an orchard.

1874 Belonged to the Whitakers of Melton Hill, Welton and in 1874 passed from R. Whitaker to Charles and then William.
1875 Sold by William to J.S. Egginton at Auction for £5980 on 4th October with partners/backers Lt. Col. George Briggs, the Revd. Richard Foord and William Peppercorn. Lots 2, 3 and 4 agreed to be sold later to Daniel Sykes
1882 1 acre 2r and 14½p sold to the Hull, Barnsley and West Riding Junction Railway and Dock Company for £1,000 – the station opened in 1885.

The Redland Park Estate (Fairfield Avenue) original drawing from 1885 – showing the new railway station

1903 Bought by John Peppercorn Egginton and John Henry Salter then in
1909 Raymond Arthur Marshall and in
1934 Constance Catherine Stephenson – of Redlands, Beverley Road Kirk Ella – became the vendor of the Redland Park Estate.

The houses on Fairfield up to numbers 50 and 63 were built between 1936 and 1939 – the stained glass in the windows and doors was designed by Norman Harrap of Spring Bank whose son now owns the shop and has his father’s original drawings and designs – and in…

1939 Augusta and Marie Scholz bought number 48 for £1300 from Constance Stephenson

Plot drawings from 1939

1946 Lewis and Doreen Sanders
1953 Doris Holmes
1957 Mr and Mrs Walter Jacques
1960 Arthur and Gladys Healey

Original front page text from 1876 deeds
The Redland Park Estate 1876 Deeds first page
1946 Conveyance Document