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How to set up a group

This is what I did to set up the scheme
Your East Riding
  • I chose an area – I decided that 30 houses were enough to start with.
  • I chatted to my immediate neighbours to see what they thought.   I made a list of the 30 households and called on them all, explaining that I was thinking of setting up a group and that it is about community safety, but community spirit is just as important. I said they can do as much or as little as they like – looking out for more vulnerable neighbours, reporting any incidents, keeping an eye on things while people are away. Not everyone has to join, but the more the better.
  • I contacted the Police and the local council (Safe Communities team) and let them know what I was doing. I organised a meeting in the church hall and invited them, and all the neighbours. You may wish to hold a small meeting first with any particularly interested neighbours who would help co-ordinate the group. The agenda included introductions, some basic information about the group, a few words from the Police, and a discussion about local priorities.  It is good to have a couple of project ideas eg. dealing with anti social behaviour, No Cold Calling Zone, speeding, lighting, environment improvement, garden safety, car safety, and info day/get together. The Police PCSOs are very helpful.  They talked about local policing priorities and helped us to choose projects.
  • I asked everyone for email addresses so I could pass info to members by email.  A few don’t have email and I usually send them a paper copy. You could encourage immediate neighbours to keep people without email updated.
  • I collected a couple of pounds from each household and bought lamp post signs.  As long as you are registered with the Police and the Council’s  Safe Communities team you will get public liability insurance for your signs and scheme.
  • You can register your group on the Ourwatch website and order door stickers and starter information through them too.
  • We have a small group of people who are particularly interested and meet up to plan activities.
  • I made contact with other groups in the area and we now have regular co-ordinators meetings with other group coordinators in the area (Grapevine meetings)
  • I pass info from the police and Grapevine around members. We had a garden party in the summer, and a Christmas night out.
  • After about a year I felt more confident and started to expand to include the whole avenue. We now have a good communications system, including website and email news. We have had a number of Neighbours Days, plant and book swaps, cakes and coffee mornings. We had a Victim Support day, and the Police and Crime Commissioner has been to our meetings and events.
  • If you want help setting up a nearby group let me know and I will help.