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Are you a dog walker?…

Following a discussion at the last Grapevine meeting the local police team have set up K9 Community Watch.

PCSO Steve Clayton explains, “The idea of this initiative is not only to engage with dog walkers but to get them on side with the Police. Most dog walkers have a certain route, a route which they tend to use on almost a daily basis. Therefore these dog walkers are very familiar with their area and would be able to identify if something was out of the ordinary.”

Over the last few months the area as  a whole has suffered from dwelling burglaries via insecure properties and more recently theft from motor vehicles. Obviously the more vigilant people we have amongst our community the better.

Steve has designed flyers to hand out to dog walkers around the Willerby, Kirk Ella, and Anlaby area.

Please contact Steve (call 101)  if you would like some flyers to pass on to other dog walkers to let them know about the scheme.

Steve Clayton PCSO 7802 KIRK ELLA NPT